Hello everyone!
We have been very busy the last few weeks!
Group 1/2
In group 1/2 we have learned about winter, we have been making snowman on paper, and we have been singing snowman songs! After that we have read a book about Frog, who is in love!
Group 3
In group 3 we have been learning about the winter , winter clothes and about a very cold frog in the winter! We have been making lovely drawings about the story.  
Group 4
In group 4 we know a lot about clothes now! We know names of clothes, we know how to describe the outfit a friend of us is wearing. We have even heard a story about an Emperor who wanted new clothes, but was fooled!
Group 5
In group 5 we have been learning about our house, and the furniture in the house. We are now learning about the city, which shops can you find and where they are.
Group 6
In group 6 we have been talking about the differences between the country and the city. Now we are busy about animals and we are even going to do English presentations about our favourite wild animal!   
Group 7
Group 7 has been talking about puppet shows! We are even preparing a puppetshow with our own puppets made of socks!
Group 8
Group 8 has been working very hard about ‘the past’ we have been tackling some difficult grammar problems, with regular and irregular verbs.